We got this piece on an investigation in westrn PA, where there were reports of strange lights in the woods of the Poconos Mountains. We were called in by a resort owner, because several of her patrons were disturbed by the lights, and the last thing you want now-a-days is a bad report for you business. Of course, this type of thing is right up our alley, so we were on it like white on rice!! Getting into the nitty-gritty would take forever, because there was a lot that went on during the investigation. I'm going to jump straight to the meat and potatoes of this one. On our second night of investigation, we encountered an entity. We weren't quite sure what to call the entity. It appeared to us a a beautiful woman, dressed in clothing made of roses and lillies. She had an incredible wing span, with white satin wings decorated with gemstones and jewels. On top of her head was a golden tiara. She radiated a light that lit up the woods as if it were daytime. We knew that this is what the hotel guests had experienced. As we neared the entity, however, there was a bright... I mean like as bright as that light the doctor invades your eye holds with when he's checking your vision. Then, on the ground where the being has once stood was this piece. We picked it up and brought it back to headquarters. Needless to say, the hotel owner had no problems afterwards. When testing this piece, we have determined that this necklace is the dawning of the fairy queen. This piece holds the queens fairy light that will reach into the fairy realm invoke her presence to you. It will allow you to transform into a full-form fairy, much like shape-shifting. You can use this piece to assume the role of the fairy queen. You can also use this piece to summon solely the powers of the fairy queen. You can use this piece to summon any amount of fairy minions who hold powers that you can use for your own, although I don't see that being an issue, because this piece has every fairy power you could possibly think of. It is pure white light and very powerful!!
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