de Gauche's Legacy -

I’ll get straight to the point. This piece holds the spirit a Robert de Gauche. He was a Frenchman that came to America in the 1800s with his parents in search of a better life. What he would get when he got here was not simply a better life, but an eternal life. Arriving in New York, Robert quickly picked up the English language, obtained employment as a factory worker, and worked hard to get by.

One night when he was on his way home, he was stopped by a group of men, loitering outside of a local Irish pub. They asked Robert where he was going and demanded that he give up the little bit of money he had on his person. He refused, and things took a turn for the worse. What Robert hadn’t known (at no fault to him, because I’m pretty sure nobody would have) was that the Irish men were actually a vicious breed of vampires who were damned to the Underworld, but were cast out by Lillith, Queen of the Underworld, for disloyalty.

Robert confronted the situation, angering the group of drunken Irish vampires. They subdued him, took him to a reclusive area, and drank his blood. However, in their drunken rage, they didn’t realize that they left enough blood in Robert’s body for him to revive-- but not just revive, because he was bitten, turning him into one of them. After growing accustom to his new body, he returned to the village pub and watched the Irish vampires night by lonely night. He studied them, eventually earning his vengeance and killing the unknowing group of nightwalkers, one by one.

Fast forward to the present day, and we have possession of the piece that holds his very soul. Robert de Gauche is not a demonic vampire being. In fact, his immortal soul is in search of companionship. Now, we are offering you the chance of a lifetime, or perhaps and eternity. Take this piece and become Robert’s companion. You will be changed into a vampire and will have all of the powers and knowledge that go along with being a vampire.

With Robert’s soul, you will share a deep connection of love and fidelity that you have never know, nor never will. This is huge responsibility, but we guarantee it will be well worth in the long run.

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