First and foremost the piece you are getting was made by us, with documents that we have secured.  If there is ever a second one needed, all you have to do is let us know and we will be more than happy to make another.  We are not making more than one of these at time, simply because of the amount of power that is put into them.  We chose to make this one a ring, which is all sterling silver with a square face that has a picture of ships on it.  This is, in part, due to the fact that this power allows you to "sail" to new heights.  Clever, huh??  Now, onto business.
The question that puzzles most people is, "What did they know that we don't know?"  It's the question people are asking themselves among the latest reports that in the past few years over 70 high profile scientists have died.  By saying have died, I of course mean that they were "taken care of" by the hand of the New World Order.  As many high level bankers and investors have also died in the past several years, making the conspiracy look even more like less of a coincidence and more of an intended purge of people who knew too much.  You probably won't find any of this on mainstream news such as Fox News or CNN, because those agencies are state controlled.  They'll never admit to it, but they really are.  In order to find out the answers you must be able to do your own research.  Just be careful about how you go about it, because there have also been scores of reports of murdered investigative journalist-- and young ones at that-- who either die in the most mysterious ways or simply go missing.  It's quite the "coincidence" if you ask me.  
Luckily for us, when we have a problem or an issued we don't really have to go far.  We have connections in both the Pentagon and Area 51.  Of course they are undercover, the type of people who commit to a lifestyle of patriotism and exposing the evils of the world for what they are.  You'd be surprised at some of the names I could provide you with, but won't due to the sensitivity of the nature.  We enjoy our leads, why would we want to quit them?  Besides, the people are good people working for common good and moreover the common knowledge of the public.  It is an uphill battle for sure, but you have start somewhere.  One of our connections was able to secure documents for us that prove that these people were on government funded "hit lists."  They were killed for one common reason and that reason is that they had all done prior work on a project to develop a superhuman genome.  We're not talking about mere physical characteristics, either.  We're talking about the kind of thing that you see in Star Wars movies.  It's the kind of thing that most nerds would have dreams about.  Unfortunately for those who made this dream a reality, it was also their demise.  
You see, whenever the government has a good thing going, and by government I mean the central world government, theNWO, they get skittish.  They think that just because they are out to screw and oppress everybody that all the other people in the world are, too.  Yeah, I guess this is a good defense mechanism because I'm sure there are people who would love to screw the government, they've been screwing us for how long.  My point is, they get skittish and then they have what's called a purge.  This simply and literally means that everyone who was working on the project-- from scientists to civilians to lower level government officials, and everyone in between including whistle blowers-- are sought out and killed.  This is what's been going on over the past several years.  NASA and medical scientists, and again, many high level investment bankers have been killed.  They tried to make it not look obvious, but there is always going to be that one smart person that is going to piece it together and try to take you down.  We are those people.  
The question from the beginning then, is "What did these people know?"  Well in short they knew that the project to create the world's first superhuman had come to full fruition.  Somewhere out there in the world, maybe in a cage created by theNWO, this superhuman exists.   They have create him or her or it or whatever it is.  When we began to get curious ourselves, we contacted our connection and he found us a set of files.  These files were all the work that has ever been done on the project.  It was from these files that we were able to create this item.  What does this item do?  In short, in will transform you into the same type of superhuman that the government has been working so fervently to make.  What does this mean?  It means that you are in for a world full of difference.  
This piece has been made using an energy that the government found from a parallel universe on a planet that resembles Earth, nearly to a tee.  There is one exception, though.  All of the beings on this planet are highly advanced.  Surprisingly they also look humanoid in appearance, but they are not human.  There are several features the exhibit that are not quite the same, such as the fact that they have gills to allow them to breath under water.  They also have webbed fingers and toes and a set of eyes in the back of their head so they have 360 degree surveillance at all times.  They speak is a form of low sound vibration which is actually an auditory telepathic vibration.  They are super strong, super smart, and they are able to adapt to their surroundings unlike any evolution that you think to be true.  
This piece gave us the ability and knowledge of how to collect this energy to create a piece that holds the genome of these beings.  It is a brand-new concept of existence, because they are so different from us, despite being somewhat the same.  With this piece you gain a genome change that will target the DNA in your body and begin a process of astral mutation.  I'm not saying your going to grow gills or anything, but you will gain the powers of these people.  First and foremost, you receive a psychic awakening that allows you to fully comprehend the vibrations of the universe.  Not just the universe as we know it, but the universe at a whole.  
This piece gives you the ability to soak up the vibrations of the cosmic rays that are constantly flowing through the universe.  They speak powers and abilities and will give you want you want, because this piece will allow you to speak back and ask for what you want.  The cosmic brain of the universe is the presence of all things-- all knowledge and all magic-- and through it all things can be done.  It does communicate with those people who know how to communicate with it.  That is why this piece changes your genome and gives you psychic ability to communicate with these vibrations, which are flowing through our mortal bodies constantly, to ask them for what it is you want.  You can ask for anything you want and the energy of what you ask for will be sent from the cosmic brain and sent to you through a sequence of cosmic vibrations.  This is how they developed a superhuman and conversely it's what it means to be superhuman as well.  
With this new change of DNA that you experience, you can literally ask the cosmic forces to change you in any way.  You can for the knowledge of ancient Egyptian magic, you can ask to communicate with extra-terrestrials, you can ask to be able to communicate with the spirit world, you can ask to be able to travel through astral plains, you can ask to be able to manipulate time, or become something you are physically not, to bi-locate yourself, or to create any being or entity, or to gain any power that you want, or to be invisible, or teleport, or for full telepathic abilities, or super strength, or super agility, or heightened intelligence.  The thing is that nothing is impossible with this energy, because it literally has the knowledge of all things.  It's like a catalogue of everything you've ever wanted and you get to ask for a personal shopping assistant.  This is the project that mass of scientists and bankers were working on together.  I'm not saying that all of them fully understood or were fully aware of exactly what was going on, or even comprehended it if they did.  However, they were involved somehow, so according the government they had to go.  You know, then there was purge and everything gets covered.  Except, with this piece nothing is covered up!  You will gain the full knowledge and this much I can guarantee you!!  Don't miss your opportunity.  
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