OMG I'm watchi9ng Jersey Shore and it is as it is! The best pick up line so far is that this guy has a house in the Hamptons and he is saying that he doesn't want sex tonight. What a liar! She is going for him for the money. Ah,he will suck in bed and will take longer on his hair then she does. I can't hang with a guy like that. What I think is if you go for a guy just because he has money then you get what you deserve because you were just getting used too. I just realized that everyone looks alike to me. I wonder why that is? The things people say to each other are so fake. It;'s kinda like they are living in a fantasy or something where they play out their own drama. It's all to weird for me. I think I will stick with real people that look strange and have faults. Anyway not on to this. This is the Atlantis Mind Crystal and it is great. I love the simple elegance of if and how it works the best. We all tested this piece too and all our results were the same. There is an Atlantis Crystal being inside that pumps up the power inside of you. What we really liked about this is Aaron has not a lot going on for him in that capacity so when it gave him the ability to interact with an Atlantean and what she told him came true it was great. Plus she also will add power to all crystals you have and is a peace maker between other spirits and creatures. Something like that is hard to get and you never know when it can be needed. The other ability of this piece is that when wearing it,it will take your colors in your aura up a notch and you have no idea what that feels like. One more way to use it is to place it on your forehead and it will allow you to communicate with the crystal beings. They are actually communicative and made up of crystals. We could see the light moving through them and feel it is what gives them life. if you decide to communicate with the crystal beings they give you the same abilities they have. We have found that it is they that gave the Atlanteans much of their power. They are made to not decide to give but it must be something they either have to do or have no control over.
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