If your looking for a serious item that does what you NEED it to do then this is it for it's type of magic. This is becoming Pan. There are two sides to this piece and it has been tested by every single member of my group including myself. Usually I do not test these types of items but due to them being a part of franchise we all tested them. This items comes from an occult estate in California where they only conjured what they called the pure essence of a soul. This holds all the energy,power and magic of the mystical Pan. If you notice he is hidden on the one side. You see him but he is looking like a shifter. It is Pan and he is done this way because he becomes you and you become him as you need to. You wear it with his face showing to use him. This gives you a type of magic called WILDING. Wilding is sexual heat,chemistry,attraction,sexual addiction,wild and raging orgasms,and the need to bite. You can control all of this but you infuse someone else with it and it is a wild ride. I swear while testing this we thought we were going to do a porn or something. The other way to use this piece is even more incredible! I LOVE IT. You turn it around and it is blank and causes a reflection. This brings you LOVE while also including the passion and wild sex you seek. Also if you use it on one of your spirits you get the same thing. Do NOT think cyclops people! This is actually a very serious item and you have to have good self control and use it properly. It is not cool to make people love you or want you sexually if you do not want them back. I want to remind you that this DOES hold the full Pan energy and power and WILDING is serious. This is not a toy.
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