This is a great piece that unlocks physical astral travel. There are only 11 keys because the one which would make 12 is the one were in,you don't need that one.

Physical astral travel is the ability to meet yourself,take from one dimension to another and make changes,stay or leave. The problem with this ability usually is that while you can go,can you get back?? Most times the answer is no if using this type of magic.

While you can astral travel it is a soul thing and you always come back. If you find that way to step inside you could be lost. I know because we go in the old Montauk ,the one in Jersey where they hid people and it has a hole. We were all scared because what IF we could not get back? This is serious if you have a family.

With these keys you not only go but you get back and you also can take and change but there really is no need to change anything. If you go to the dimension were you see yourself that can be a little odd. Depending on what time it is because time does play a factor you could change things for the better for yourself.

This is one amazing and interesting item.

This is metal with a type of key on each one and then two stars on each side.
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