DEI INTRA: Awakening the 8th Chakra of God

DEI INTRA:  Awakening the 8th Chakra of God

I am pleased to offer this piece as part of our original collection. We have some pieces that have come from other sources, then there are some that come from workers we have in the field such as Adita or Emir or ones that are made by Raviniska, Tomer, Shine, etc.  However, this is one of those times that we stumbled across a very rare, magical power.  It came to us on the way home from New Orleans.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, the transformations we did there were wild successes.  All other investigative information was a success too and there are pieces that will be coming your way soon! 

In the meantime, feast your eyes upon this beautiful necklace that Deedee and I found... well, in the middle of nowhere, really.  I'm not really sure if there was even a name for the place that we discovered this piece.  What happened was quite strange.  We were somewhere in Virginia driving home from New Orleans on route 81 when something very strange happened.  All of our electronics just stopped working.  I mean, our phones both shut off, the GPS stopped working, the car stalled... the whole nine yards. We coasted the car to the side of the road.  Maybe two minutes later, everything began working again.  As the car started and the GPS came back to life, we heard Lola (that's what I've named the GPS lady) say, "Re-routing. Take exit in 1.2 miles."  I was confused and just looked at Deedee. She looked back with the was "WTH" face. 

Between the two of us, we came up with all sorts of ideas as to why the GPS was re-routing us.  The fact of the matter is that neither one of us could have been less prepared for what was about to happen.  We got off the the exit as instructed, thinking that maybe there was road work or an accident up ahead.  By this time of the day, the sky had begun to grow a soft  velvety purple color.  The sun had gone down, but the moon had not yet begun to reign over the night.  As we twisted and turned along the country roads of Virginia, it became more and more clear that we had no idea where the heck we were.  Our fate was now left up to Lola.  As I mentioned this to Deedee, I pointed out that we were pretty much being led by the blind, because about twenty minutes ago, our dear Lola decided she was about to go on strike. Just as I finished my sentence, fate struck again.  The car shut off, our phones died, and Lola went back into hibernating.  Just great!! 

Deedee scolded me for jinxing us, then as if Mother Earth agreed with her, the ground began to shake violently.  We watched as the trees around us on the mountainous road shook and trembled.  Then lights, which were a bright fluorescent purple color began swirling around in the air, taking no particular form.  It was kind of awe-striking and eerie at the same time.  The light eventually came together in one large mass, forming a conical shape and darting off somewhere beyond some trees. That's when Deedee's psychic ability came well alive.  It was if she was punched in the gut with psychic ability.  She nearly doubled over and all she could manage to do was point in one direction.  That was the direction we headed off in.  We walked for about a half a mile... all UP HILL.  It was exhausting, especially since we were taking no path in particular.  We were kind of forging our own path. We continued walking up the side of the mountain until we reach the mouth of a giant cave in the side of the mountain.  I looked at Deedee and she looked at me.  Then, I looked down and shook my head.  Here's my scenario.  I'm in the middle of nowhere, I have no clue where I'm at to even begin navigating, my phone is dead, Deedee's phone is dead, our GPS isn't working AND... AND the car didn't start.  Now, of all times, she decided was the perfect time to go spelunking. I shook my head, but kept on; this is when I caught something with my foot and tripped, nearly landing on my face. 

What I tripped over was a stone relic, no bigger than 6 inches tall. I reach down to pick it up.  Instead it bent back like a lever and the mouth of the cave began to expand until an entire underground monastery was exposed, lit up entirely by purple light that was lit on the end of very rustic looking torches that lit a path way down to an alter, where there were a dozen or so spirits congregating around an altar.  The altar looked like something out of an ancient orient temple.  On th adjacent wall were some unidentifiable characters with the Latin captions which read "Dei Intra".  The spirits were all a hazy purplish translucent color, roughly in the form of a human, with glowing golden orbs where a human brain would have been located had they been human.  It was quite odd actually.  I've never seen anything like it in my life.  I found out later that the inscription on the wall means, "God is Within;" and what an appropriate phrase for the powers that were held within the Temple. 

As we stood there gazing as the spirits, which is all we could really do, they began to swirl around one another.  The gold of their "brains" began to form one entity in the center a purplish mist that looked like small tornado.  The "storm" eventually implode on its self and that was the end of that.  However where the cyclic entity had once swirled we found this piece.  It is a very powerful tool.  We took it of course, as it was meant for us.  We aren't sure exactly what type of spirits they were, but it is known that they are some type of angel sent by God for the enlightenment of human individuals on Earth-- those who were lucky enough to encounter these spirits.  This piece is the physical form of the dozen or so purple spirits. We don't have a specific name for these spirits, so we are calling the Chakratic Angels.  Again, this piece is their physic physical form.  They can take any form they choose, and this piece is what they chose.  I think they psychically knew that we were after some sort of vessel and made our job easier by transforming into one.  Thus, this piece is much more than one that holds power.  This piece actually holds its own type of spiritual life... it's powers are living; and they are the living powers of God. 

Embedded deep within every single one of us is the Christ Genome, because we were all made in God's image.  Thus, we all have the powers of Christ deep within us.  In order to open these powers, God instilled certain power points in us.  According to different religions these power-packed epicenters in our bodies are called different things.  They are most commonly referred to as chakras.  Each body consists of a series of Chakras.  To be concise, there are Seven Charkas they are from bottom to top:
-Root Chakra
-Naval Chakra
-Solar Plexus Chakra
-Heart Chakra
-Throat Chakra
-Third Eye Chakra
-Crown Charka

Each Chakra is a different installment of power, or power point, that has been vested in each of us by God, our creator.  There is actually an 8th Chakra that not many people are aware of.  It is called the Soul-Star Chakra. It exists approximately three inches to six inches above the Crown Chakra and can only be activated by activated and completely aligning the first seven chakras.  Accessing the powers in this chakra is EXTREMELY rare.  When done, opening the Soul-Star Chakra will open up your Christ Genome, giving you the powers of a God.  It will relinquish a plexus of powers that will activate the DNA of God that was embedded in us all that has made us all "created in the image of God."  With these powers, you will gain a direct connection and correlation to God, who is the source of all white light powers here on Earth.  You will immediately be given a source of power that God has been using since the beginning of Eternity.  Using this piece, there will be no white light power that is out of your reach or that you will not be able to obtain should you want it or the need arise for it.  It will give you true powers of a god, giving you ultimate divine white powers that will be unsurpassed by any, other than those who have also opened their Soul-Star Chakra. 

Many have spent their entire lifetime attempting to open their 8th Chakra.  Most of failed.  The people that have actually succeeded are very few and miles upon miles between.  However, with this piece, which is the physical incarnation of Chakratic Angels, you will gain all these abilities immediately.  To use this piece, you will need to lie down on the bed, either wearing this piece or laying the piece on your chest.  The spirits will enter you, giving you all of their energies.  This will begin pumping energies through your chakras, awakening them one by one and aligning them.  Once they have been aligned, your 8th Soul-Star Chakra will be awakened and you will obtain full command over your new powers!!  It may take more than one time using this piece to fully awaken all of your chakras to get the energy pumping through your system, especially if you've never used them before.  However, this piece will work relatively easily and quickly.  Looking at the piece is is in the form of a chakratic ladder with four distinct jewels that will release the power into your bodily energy flow.  There are two corresponding earrings that correspond to the chakras as well.  They can either be worn as earrings (they are clip on) during the process or clenched, one in each hand, to release the full powers of the first six chakras.  The seventh chakra (Crown Chakra) is your soul; and the 8th Chakra is what will materialize once all these powers are aligned.  If you are a seeker of total (AND I MEAN TOTAL!!) white light thrills, this piece is for you!!  It is extremely potent and unmatched by anything item you have ever experienced! 


DEI INTRA:  Awakening the 8th Chakra of God
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