Demon Eater Djinn

The piece that you see above comes from, Emir our correspondent and beast from the Middle East. Emir has some serious connections when it comes to Middle East paranormal happenings. However, he was in hot pursuit of something else entirely, when he came upon the being that inhabits the item that you can see above.

He was actually in the Sahara Desert on an investigation of strange lights in the sky. That investigation turned out to be bogus, just a crazy Egyptian man that had too much to drink. However, the trip home from the desert proved fruitful. Somehow, they had taken the wrong direction and stumbled upon a sandstone cave that wasn‘t on the map. Long story short, exploration of the cave turned up the presence of a three thousand-year-old djinn named Ptah. Ptah attempted to weasel his way out of captivity-- see once Emir released his soul, Ptah became indebted to him. It didn’t work, and Emir was successfully able to contain the Djinn in the piece that you see above.

Ptah, whose name means opener, will do just that. He will open up your spiritual essence, giving you the ability to see into the realms of the Egyptian gods and embody their powers and abilities. He will provide you with spiritual protection and guidance, as his very existence relies upon the absorption and destruction of any type of evil entity within a few hundred miles radius. In fact, he is an ancient breed of light magic djinn, known as demon eaters, because they will grant you the ability to detect evil spirits and then either vanquish the evil spirit altogether or neutralize it, if the soul is salvageable. Likewise, you will exhibit the same powers.

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