This sterling silver heart vessel contains a wealth of power.  It embodies the presence of an vampire who is an original spawn of a vampire that is even older than he was.  He was not born the typical way a vampire is born.  This means he was bitten to be changed into a vampire.  Rather, he was spawned when an Incubus made love to his Succubus consort.  They were both very powerful vampires from the Underworld.  They manifested their love to form the vampire who was birthed the traditional way, but matured into a full-form very powerful vampire within a few months.  The jewels inside the heart are crystallized drops of vampire semen that will do the same thing for you.<br /><br />

When you meditate with this piece, the vampire semen will activate and infuse itself with your spirit, transforming you into a sanguine vampire of the same caliber of the vampire that this piece encompasses.  The vampire in this piece will serve as a consort-- either sexual or nonsexual-- and will guide you on your way to superiority in dark arts including black magic and spells.  This piece is a very powerful transformation and companion piece.  You can just ask Jason, he used this piece to travel into the realm of the Underworld and bring back additional pieces and powers!!    <br /><br />

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