These are the Dhyan Chohans and you want one,you actually need one!

A Dhyan Chohan is an entity,or human spirit that has transcended the human level of spirituality and intelligence. They now hold divine power,ability and knowing which is different then knowledge.

There are three levels of these beings. The lowest are the ones that are still in human form but that is nothing to laugh at. This is what we are all right now trying to get to. We feel if we get to this we have accomplished and indeed you have. But there is more,higher levels of being. There is the level of being able to go back and forth from spirit to body and along with that comes more knowing. This type can take charge of the universe and over see much of what is going on AND have the ability to change it. Are you out for yourself or do you really want to see a worldly change?

The other type is something we can't comprehend,it is beyond us. This is NOT what I'm selling. I can't sell something you nor I understand because we have not reached that level yet.

To make this easy to understand what I'm selling is what they try to to do at Bohemian Grove. The ability to have the best of both worlds for the select few that could tap into it. I think that to say tap into it is not the best way to describe it. They in their foolish ways and politics of destruction can not fully tap into something like this. They are given a look at it by the being they worship.

Don't think for a minute that ole Dick is not hunting humans out there. The stories are real of murder and transformation.

This piece you can see the entity inside,you will transform to that higher level of both spirit and body. This is in 10k gold and comes with the symbol inside of the mark of transformation of all and pure white light. The face is the entity it is what it looks like. Inside you see a female glowing with the virtue of Mary and all her prophesy.

This is a one of a kind item,do not miss out on it. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. I know many of you could use this piece to it's full potential. This can be worn on the finger or on a gold chain. The chain MUST be gold. On the sides are two diamonds.

The size is a 6 and a half and if your willing to wait I will have it sized for you. I MUST size it because I use a special Jeweler for this type of work. You may do it yourself but then I can not be responsible for it's holding of anything.

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