This is Dick Cheney's ring the one we spoke of on the radio show. This is NOT the ring of the Pope or Cardinal. This is the one that was bitten off of Dick Cheney's finger. The stone in the center of the ring will move on it's own,in fact it is always moving. The movement is what we believe kept ole Dick from totally morphing but we could be wrong. What we have found out is that he is indeed a killer of women and loves to hunt them. We have even found his secret hiding spot for his bodies. We did confirm it last night. To hear the radio show please go to blog talk radio and type in hauntedcuriosities and my shows will pull up. This evil Bastard is not just a shapeshifter but also a killer. What is running our government???!!!!???? THIS RING IS ALL GOLD WITH TWO SMALL DIAMONDS AND THE CENTER STONE IS ALWAYS MOVING. THAT IS WHERE THE MAGIC IS.
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