Pure Dimension Travel Ring

I was shopping at Target and heard a customer approach a woman in a red shirt and khaki pants for some help. The woman was annoyed that someone assumed that she worked at the store; come on bitch, why would you wear a red shirt and khaki pants to Target? That is what all the employees wear. Maybe she didn’t think twice about going to the store while wearing an outfit similar to the uniform; however, she shouldn’t have gotten mad when someone asked her for assistance!

The littlest things piss people off and I feel that we all just need a break from our own dimension. We have a ring that enables you to transport through dimensions and experience other realms. You will be able to experience an explosion of relaxation and stress relief. While testing this piece I walked into a forest where I was able to breathe easy and feel the serene surroundings just cleanse my soul.

There are many dimensions that you will be able to experience; your mood while wearing the piece will decide on the dimension where you will travel to. You must be able to concentrate on the ring and embody the lust for the dimension travel. The woman who was dressed like a Target employee needs this ring so she can transport and revitalize herself in order to be more carefree and enjoy life in our realm.

Experiencing other dimensions will bring ease of living in our everyday life. You need to get this ring and start experiencing how great your quality of life can be by getting the relaxation of pure dimension travels that are encompassed in this ring! Not only do you get that but when you travel to other dimensions the beings and people that live there are made a little different in the abilities they are able to use. When you travel there is an energy that covers the brain and allows you to absorb these abilities. Don't pass this one up.

This is sterling silver and spins when you want to go to another dimension. There is no picture of it but it is a sterling silver ring that can be worn by male or female.
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