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Dion Fortune is the magical name of Violet Mary Firth, who is considered one of the leading occultists of the early 20th century. By age 4 Fortune began having visions of Atlantis; when she was older, she believed she had lived there in a past life as a temple priestess. By her teens she displayed mediumistic abilities.

When she was twenty, Fortune had an experience that set her on the path of magic and occultism. She went to work in an educational institution and was under the supervision of a woman who had studied occultism in India. According to records of Fortune, the woman, who was abusive and had a mean temper, used various combinations of yoga techniques, hypnotism, and projection of negative thoughts to psychically attack Fortune in attempts to force her to do things against her will, or to lower her self-confidence.

Fortune managed to rebuff the attacks, but suffered a nervous breakdown. It took her three years to regain her health, during which time she began studying psychology in order to learn more about mind and will.

Prior to World War I, she experienced a powerful dream in which she met two of the Masters, Jesus and the Comte de St. Germain, and was accepted as a pupil of Jesus. Knowledge of her past lives unfolded before her: an almost unbroken line of priestess work from Atlantis to the present. She also claimed to remember everything that she had been taught in those lives.

She remembered from a past life that she needed to have pieces of protection, to hold her powers, which would ward off people like the woman she encountered when she was 20. She used her magic to embody jewels that she wore often as her source of powers.

Dion used me as a medium and informed me that some of her pieces were being sold. We were able to purchase one of the pieces in which she empowered from an online sale in London. Her spirit informed us of the sale because she knew we could release the powers and help someone understand what the pieces could do for them.

All of the pieces sold at top dollar, so we only could afford one. We got a ring that she said was her favorite piece; it is blue stone set in sterling silver. The stone is oval shaped like the eye of Jesus.

This ring has powers that will help you to understand all of the energies around you! It will take you to the point where you will learn how to manipulate the energies and use them in any desired effect. Let Dions occult experience teach you how to release your desired dreams using the energies around you. This ring is very important because the energies around you are in which you will pick up are all God created.

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