This piece will help you attaing the divinement of a disciple.<br /><br />

Having attained the level of disciple, the seeker knows the Truth of Certainty. When the Saints of God witness that the seeker has reached enlightenment by passing the ten steps to discipleship, they will dress him or her with six powers. These are not powers that come from an external source, but rather they are unveiled from within the heart of the disciple. When they are opened, he will find himself dressed with them.<br /><br />

A light may be entirely concealed within a room that has no opening to the outside. However, if a door or window is opened, the light shines forth. If the room is filled with light, light will come out. If it is filled with smoke, smoke will come out.<br /><br />

Imagine that a piece of burning coal is placed with a great quantity of incense inside a container. If the container is small and the heat very intense, the fragrance of perfume erupts like a volcano when the container is opened. When a volcano erupts, it explodes up in the air hundreds of feet, spreading lava and ash everywhere, taking everything with it. A similar reaction occurs in the heart of a disciple after he passes the ten levels. <br /><br />

When the disciple has achieved these ten levels, he is cleared to access classified materials. At that time, the disciple can access the six powers of the heart, powers that are found in the heart of every human being, without discrimination. Until you access them, these six powers are pressurized by the ego. The tyranny of the self is able to oppress you. All of this power that God put in your heart becomes suppressed in a small and narrow place, due to the very high pressure of selfishness and satanic influence.  <br /><br />

The six powers are of the heart are:<br /><br />

    The Reality of Attraction<br /><br />
    The Reality of Down pouring<br /><br />
    The Reality of Focusing <br /><br />
    The Reality of Intercession<br /><br />
    The Reality of Guidance <br /><br />
    The Reality of Scrolling<br /><br />

Every newborn child has these six powers, because every child is born innocent. The light of innocence is lost throughout life. God does not take it away; it is suppressed and pushed down into the heart as the child grows progressively farther away from his divine reality. A child may be raised by his parents in a situation contrary to his inherent innocence. How severe the suppression of this light becomes depends on how the child is raised and how much the child is spoiled. As the child grows into adulthood, he or she may suddenly realize the importance of balancing the inner and outer dimension of his life, in order to release the spiritual power buried within them.<br /><br />

Maintaining balance becomes an integral part of the seeker’s discipline. It is very important to have the inward and the outward in harmony. A person’s outer behavior must match their inner reality, or else the six powers cannot be opened. In that case, they will continue to struggle.<br /><br />

This phenomenal piece will instill the washing of the ten steps to becoming a disciple within you --- thus flooding the opening of your heart to be able to utilize the six powers of the heart. <br /><br />

These realities will bless your life and bring you amazement in the glory of divine enlightenment!<br /><br />


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