Testing has shown that humans enjoy life the most during our young adult lives and again when we are on the cusp of becoming septuagenarians.

However, the long years in between appear to present many emotional peaks and valleys. That’s according to a new study, which finds that  the two happiest years of a person’s life are 23 and 69~!!

“One theory is that the U-shape is driven by unmet aspirations which are painfully felt in midlife but beneficially abandoned later in life,” Princeton researcher Hannes Schwandt, who led the London School of Economics study, told the Daily Mail.

Other recent studies have attempted to track happiness to economic security. For example, a 2010 Princeton study found that  personal wealth does affect one’s respective happiness but only up to about $75,000. Beyond that, other studies have found that personal relationships and physical health are more intricately tied to happiness.

Another article, recently published, looks at the “10 Habits of Happiness,” which include gratitude lists, getting enough sleep and spending time outdoors.

The study showed that individuals enter a lowered state of happiness at around age 55, when they begin to negatively analyze the various unrealized accomplishments in their lives. However, at around age 60, the happiness level begins a steady uptick as those same people move beyond their past regrets and enter a level of acceptance.

People in their fifties could learn from the elderly, who generally feel less regret... they should try not to be frustrated by their unmet expectations because they are probably not feeling much worse than their peers.

** We all have dreams and desires that we wish to accomplish in our lives and as the years pass and the dreams are not coming true we either panic, or fall into a state of depression. Normally we are our own worst enemy when it comes to succeeding. Overthinking and analyzing what you really want is the cause of these studies showcaing 2 years in nearly a 70 year span when people are the happiest.

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