This is a 10k white gold ring in a size 6 with a superb trillion cut Blue Topaz like you have never seen. This will shine no matter who you are and for what it holds so will you.
This holds one Djinn of the masters. What this means is all the best master djinn that are created are trained by this one and ones like him. Think of these as the master race. These are all men so there are no females to offer. The reason is not sexism but rather the sperm of the djinn is needed to hold a certain power that they must possess. That is a very long story that is not needed but I will tell you what they do.
This ones name is Furst as he was the first one created as a Djinn master creator. This does not mean he is a master but rather that he creates masters. So therfore he is so much above in power that it can't be measured. The creation was like  that of Christ and Lucifer before Lucifer fell. So as you know the angels under them while powerful are no match for the archangels or Christ. This is the example I'm trying to give you.
So as the Djinns go this is the best of the best. These are the Djinn that taught the King Solomons Djinn and as you know they listened,you did not have to beg and you won't with these either.
What you want is what you get. There is no offering,no meditation,no asking. You demand and I don't mean that in a bad way it just means that the type of Djinn they are,they are used to a certain way. These are dual Djinn that means they understand the human condition and HAD be dual. They had to be dual because they are the inventors and the creators of all Djinn and they are the ones that decide this power. 
What you place in your hand or on a chain or wear on your finger gives forth the most explosive power in a djinn you can get. 
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