I call this piece the Djinn Spinner because if you flip this piece over to the side that the Djinn is not on and put it on a flat surface you can spin it like a dreidel or a top. It just kind of fascinated me; however, it does bear a slight significance in the powers of this piece. You see, this piece contains the spirit of an ancient Wish Djinn. He was created in the flourishing Babylonian empire. Maybe 100 to 150 years ago, he was captured and placed into this item by an Egyptian sorceress. Why does the Djinn have to be spun like a top? Well, he doesn’t; however, the more body contact you make with this piece, the stronger the bond between you and your Djinn will become. This means the stronger his energies will become and the more “wish power” he will have. The more wish power he has, the grander the wishes he can grant. These include wealth wishes, love wishes, riches wishes, sex wish, psychic wishes-- you name it, he does it wishes... And what a better more amusing way to start it all off than using this piece to play with it like a top? This item provides lots of simplistic fun, but it is also very, very powerful! It is not to be taken lightly. The wish powers in the piece have the ability to become very potent and you know what they say... Be careful what you wish for!! Enjoy!!
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