The ugly thing on this bracelet looks kind of like a puffer fish, but I can assure you it is not.  It is actually a physical representation of a baby djinn.  It is actually more of a colorful and artistic representation that brings the Djinni to life for you.  That way you have something to look at when using this piece. The important part is that behind the little monster pendant is the spiritual summoning of a young djinn, who was born not to long ago.  He was born of a djinni egg that looked just like the djinni eggs you see on the left or the right of the little guy on this bracelet.  The djinni in the center is the leader of the three, because he was born first and you always have to have master djinn.  He is the one that will teach you the basics of djinni magic, which is a dual form sorcery/alchemy.  The other two eggs are ready to be birthed, but have been save for the recipient of this item, so that way they can birth any two types of djinn that they wish.  There are a vast quantity of types of djinn, you just have to do you research and then confer with the already-born djinn then birth the type that you want.  It really is quite simple, because your djinni will begin contacting you shortly after you begin to wear the piece.  You can wait as long as you want before using these djinni eggs to birth your two extra djinn.  There is time restrictions on them.  They are yours to do with as you wish. 

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