Are you looking for an enchanted piece that will bring you modern implications that will unite the full force of monetary wealth upon you?

This ring belonged to, Arden, a woman who traveled in Europe and utilized the pears group and asters and took blood samples of the members showcasing that she was testing for diseases, but she truly was using their DNA to utilize the destiny of their wealth and make money.

She also has worked in different nursing homes and modern office being able to gain the DNA of some extremely rich people, even having some of Bill Gates!!

This is sterling and the stone will radiate the inductive implements of all the DNA that had been collected and will incorporate the facets of its power into your body, making you the indulgent force to attract emblems of wealth into your life!

You will find wealth in all areas when you work with this and find that the factors of contributed sourcing that is within the ring will enrich your life completely... as the DNA is the combination of the most Elite and luck and luxury is sure to be yours!

This ring is a size 8 and will work either by being worn on your finger, or by being placed on a chain.

The piece will ensure you a loyal return on rich DNA being imparted into your aura and bringing you amazing advancement in your life~!


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