If you are aware of Alien DNA within you, or if you had the process deducted by Deedee that shows you do hold Alien DNA, then this ring is for you!! Those who have relevant and highly visible Alien follicles on your Mitochondrial DNA strands can prosper adequate powers and abilities -- but the energies have been stagnant within you for a long time. They are able to be accessed if you desire -- but you will need a generative pulling to relinquish the energies upon you. If you want to leave this alone you can and will not be bothered by the aspects, however there is a lot of strength and empowerment that is within you that is extremely integrated through the strands that you were born with. We have a regimented DNA extractor ring --- this will pull forth the elevated DNA strands and allow for your body to adhere to the imperial aspects of your ancestors. You will be guided through the radiative levels of extorted astral levitation that will allow you to gain connection to the extraterrestrials that birthed the DNA within you. This piece is a size 6.5, and sterling silver. It was to be listed for $345.00, but is on special for $276.00, for a limited time. This will help your luminosity, and bring your AMAZING strength and power!
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