If you are anything like me, when you read your Yahoo! News in the morning or when you listen to it on Fox, you wonder where all these new scientific finds are coming from. I mean, I literally just saw in today's yahoo! news that they have discovered dozens of stars that hold planets that are capable of life forms such our own in galaxies so far away that, as humans, we coudln't live long enough to travel to.  This is because we are just one miniscule part of an elaborate existence that is made up of so many parts that our human brains can't process the number.  Then, if you are like me you think to yourself that it is sad that you will never be able to experience anything other than what this world has to offer.  But, then again, can you?  The answer is yes.  Read the following and you will completely understand. 

I have obtained this item that I'm simply calling Music of the Spheres.  It is a music therapy item that will enhance your brain and open up an interdimensional chakra that exists in all humans.  I know what you're think, though-- oh yeah, sure THIS hasn't been done before.  Honestly, folks, it really hasn't here is why.  

Via NASA, the United States Government has been undergoing secrets tests that makes stem cell research look like a book report.  In fact, the project has determined that as previously thought, the main function of the DNA in the human body is not for protein synthesis.  Rather, DNA are strands of sound and light made up of photons and phonons.  These electromagnetic waves of sound and light are the building block of human existence; and it has also been determined that the human body and conscious is primarily activated with ultrasonic sounds that your ears can't hear, but which influence your body to think, to feel, to act, to know, and to do.  In fact, the primary function of DNA is in bioacoustics and bioelectric signaling.  This means that the way the body is composes is actually closer to the chemical make-up of the universe than we, as humans, have understood.  

Take for example, ultrasonic hums that occur in the universe.  They completely delegate the energies of the universe, but we will never hear them with our ears.  Take for example the hums of our own earth that been reported in different places and along different ley lines of the Earth.  How about the mystery sounds the were heard in the United States, Europe, Russia, and Asia in 2012?  These are all examples of sound and light as an energy-- of sound and light as the sustanance of life in the universe and a secret way of communication that the human race has never before been able to embrace simply because the government has harbored this knowledge from us.  

Examples of sound even show up in religion.  Take, for example, the Heavenly Hosts who sing Hallelujah to the Lord.  Are they really simply performing some type of metephorical energy ritual?  How about the fact that one is encouraged to hum during meditation or the fact that shamans often times use noice to alter the properties of patience who have been possessed or inflicted by some other type of supernatural-- and even normal-- illnesses.  It all begins to make sense when you really think about it!!  

It will all make perfect, absolute sense with this item.  This is because this item contains the biofrequencies that I am calling DNA music.  Our DNA is simply the keyboard that produces the music of life.  It can be rendered with certain sounds and energies and this piece has been created by the US government to do just that.  To bring this all full circle, they have been use the powers in these piece so create a race of people know as the Star Children.  The Star Children have harnesses the powers of the ultrasonic song that is sung by this piece and it has opened up and intergalactic sixth sense that allows them direct communication with a host of other dimensions, realms, galaxies, solar systems, races of individuals, powers and abilities.  This is how scientists are saying, "Oh, well we made another discovery.  It seems like every day their making new strides in intergalactic exploration and the energy that is present in this piece is the sole reason of success. 

This piece does not actually let you travel to other planets, realms, galaxies etcetera.  Rather, it will infuse your DNA with its power.  This will unlock an ultrasonic chamber of your mind and your intergalactic chakra that will send your brain signals out into the universe.  They travel ALOT faster than light.  You will then be able to "visit" other places, because the electromagnetic frequencies will create a third dimension reality where you will be able to experience other places without actually being there.  You will be able to feel the way it feels in other place and to communicate with any entities you may come across.  This piece also includes the ability to absorb and gain control over all energies and powers you will come in contact with while using it! 

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