Voodoo Snake Cast-DHC

Once, millenia ago, God lived here on earth amongst the mortals. Everyone co-exsisted peacefully, and God had himself a very nice residence, and even a servant called Legba (who was quite the trickster, but God was God, and usually took it in stride). Now at this great manor house, God had a beautiful and lush garden. Over time, God noticed that a thief was entering the garden at night, and stealing some of the lovely produce. God wanted to catch the thief, and came up with a grand scheme to have the heavens pour down rain that night, causing muddy ground that would dirty the guilty party's shoes and God would then know who would dare to steal from him.

The morning after the rains, God went into the garden and became enraged when he saw that the thief had been there, and taken everything in the garden away. Hearing God ranting and raving in the garden, Legba appeared to find out what was going on. As God explained the problem, he noticed that Legba's sandals were caked with mud. Thus discovering his thief, God watched as Legba dissolved into peals of laughter at his joke. God realized that the sandals on Legba's feet were his own, and Legba then tried to convince God that he had destroyed his own garden in his sleep. God didnt buy it, wasn't amused at all by Legba's joke, and his rage was so great that he decided to leave earth and entered the heavens to live.

Since he was so angry with Legba, God wouldn't allow him to come along, and stopped Legba at the gates of heaven instead. He gave Legba the task of being the gatekeeper between the spiritual and mortal worlds. When God made Legba a bridge between the worlds, he changed Legba into a rainbow, because a rainbow is the quintessential bridge between our worlds and his. A rainbow isn't a tangible form, so the Voodoo people, wanting something tactile to pray with, searched for a symbol as supple and colorful as a rainbow. The Great Snake, symbol of infinity and power, embodies the spirit of Legba, who is the granter of benedictions. Today, the serpent is used as a symbolic form of Legba in Voodoo culture.

The Voodoo Snake Cast works by your writing your petition, what you want or need, on a piece of paper. If you can, try to color co-ordinate the color of the paper to your need, i.e. green for money, red for passion, etc. Any paper will work however.  While wearing the ring, you must right your desires, that way Legba can hear what you want and he can grant your wishes.  This is an original voodoo piece, as modern as it looks, and was made at a ritual inferno on the Bayou in New Orleans. 

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