I'm so sad right now. I've been working writing this description for the last half and hour. Then, I guess I hit a button on my computer, and guess what happens? The entire document was lost. Worst part? I couldn't recover it. Oh well, such is life. My point is, I'm going to keep this one brief. This piece comes from the doll lady in Bridgeton, New Jersey. It is an antique piece-- over 100 years old. I've had it for the past several years. She gave it to me during a visit to her house a while back. I'm not exactly how long I've had this piece exactly, but it's been at least 3 or 4 years. During its stay at Haunted Curiosities, we have gotten great use out of this piece! THis anitque pin is what is known as a vessel conciliator. When you clip it to one of your dolls, it will open up a supernatural portal and draw the attention of spirits into your doll. Once the spirits are there, you can use the doll as a vessel of communication to conjure the spirits that inhabit your doll. We have used this piece to create many of our dolls at Haunted Curiosities. You can use this piece for your own doll, to create your own spirit vessel. We have conjured the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Bathory, Catherine the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, and many more magical and mystic entities. With this piece you will be able to do the same!!
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