This doll while it seems horrific is far from that,she is filled with the power of more then a thousand angels. These are everything from warrior to cherubs of love. The doll actually vibrates with the power and the angels come from all over.

This doll holds the angels from all heavens,guardians,warriors,defeaters,Thrones. We got this from a Nun,she had died so we did not know her and even her picture is blessed. I will add those on next.

What does this doll do for you. She also has a little girl spirit with her always,her name is Jannie and she is the one that drew the angels to her. It was said that her blood line is that of Christ. We can NOT prove this in anyway but I can tell you she is filled with white light and GIVES EXTREME power.

This doll is one of a kind and I have never had one like it.
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