Do you like to be in control? Want to get others to do what you want? The opportunities and desires that can be fulfilled with this power is limitless!

From gaining advancements at work, to getting kinky in the bedroom, with this Mastery control set you will have the power to showcase what you want, while enjoying the great feelings that come along with it.

The testers said they took advantage of the sexual nature to impart the ideals of their fantasies with a partner who normally is not very adventurous.

One guy used this piece to get his boss to give him a promotion, and he excelled in the position -- she said she wished she would have promoted him years ago!

What you do is you wear the bracelet and give the ring to someone who you wish to gain mind control of!

You can ask them to "try it out" for a few days, as you are considering selling a new type of jewelry, this way you will get it back and be able to use it on many people... or if you want to have control over just one person all the time, then gift it to them and compliment them when they wear it - as they will need to have it on to be projected with the essential powers!

This is an incredible set that will truly supplement what you want from someone else~ completely awesome!

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