Okay, before his spoof candidacy for a Republican nomination, before he penned any books, and before his celebrity catch phrase, "You're Fired!," Donald Trump was a very successful business magnate. He is the Chairman and President of the Trump Organization and founder of the Trump Entertainment Resorts. He currently occupies the number 17 spot on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. Donald Trump has always lived an extravagant lifestyle and the fact that he is always looking to make more and more money is absolutely no secret. He will tell you himself. However, what nobody knows, except for a few of Trump's most trusted insiders, is his brand new facet of wealth. It no longer involves investments and gains. Trump has invested in wealth on a brand new level this time. For the past several years, Donald Trump has hook up with a group of metaphysicists to attract the essence of wealth to the soul. They have run many trials and errors but have finally figured out the right equation of alchemy that will attract extreme wealth to a person. This power has been tailored for specific use in a casino and will attract abundant wealth for you. The pieces that this power was used to make were the sole property of the Trump Organization, but... there was little leak. Now we were fortunate enough to wind up with one of these items. Don't miss out on your stake in the claim to metaphysical wealth energy that will reel in wealth beyond your wildest imagination.
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