This gorgeous piece highlights special powers of healing and protection! Jade was sacred to the ancient Egyptians who associated it with Maat, the goddess of truth. Jade, however, was most revered by the Chinese who consider it to be one of the most important symbols of purity, love and serenity.

The ancient Chinese believed that jade could help inspire the mind to make quick and precise decisions. Jade is also used in healing to enhance fertility, strengthen the cardiovascular system, cleanse the blood and dispel negative emotions. After testing our jade piece we have realized that it is indeed a strong healing piece.

It has been tested by people with chronic depression and stress. People with daily stress often feel their bodies tense up and things just don't seem to work. This piece will cleanse you and take away all the negative emotions within. It will open up the floodgates to a healthier, more vibrant you!

Stop wasting your days on the sofa, or in bed.... use this piece to bring vitality to your life and experience a new appreciation for everything and everyone around you.

This piece is in sterling silver and is an antique. It is also adjustable and will go from very small to a normal size.

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