A plan was set forth in a highly classified Masonic meeting in 2005. The world's population keeps growing and growing. It was determined via this meeting that something had to be done about it. I'm not agreeing with any Masonic Lodge's right to determine who gets to live and who doesn't get to live, I'm just reporting the facts. Anyway, the plan went something like this. Take a whole bunch of rich and independently wealth individuals, move them to undisclosed locations. Following this, they will ignite the world into war by pushing a nuclear conflict in the Middle East, a biological attack on China, and Martial Law in the West. This should cut the population by about 50%. This should wipe out most of the Middle Class people, leaving the poor. We can then reorganize social structure by reinstating the rich class to rule over the poor. It kind of sounds like Medieval England. I guess now would be an ironic time to note that this Masonic meeting took place in London. There's one more thing. They will reinstate magic. Thew world thrived on it before humanity got dumb, so there's no reason it can't do so once again. We can exist as peacefully identities, without the need for war or turmoil, where everybody knows his or her role. To prove it, a piece was made with an alternate realm inside of it. The piece was used by top-level Masons. They entered the realm to experience the hypothetical world. When they returned they gave the plan a thumbs up. In recent months, the Middle East is starting to look very unstable and tumultuous. Notching is a certainty and one can only help to wonder if the Masons have a hand in this, wanting to rebuild the archetype of the world. That's not the important part of this piece. The important part is that this piece is the original that made during the meeting in London in 2005. It contains a realm that you can name whatever you want. Inside the realm is sheer calm and comfort. It enlightens your soul and allows you to open up your full psychic ability. It will also give you the powers, magic, and secrets of a 33rd Degree Mason, which enough to draw attention to this piece on its own!
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