Don't think, just put your legs in the air! -<br /><br />

I discovered this item in Ireland, and while I’m not sure of its particular origin, it looks a bit Celtic in nature-- to my eyes anyhow.  In any case, I visited a monastery in the countryside of Northern Ireland.  When one of the reclusive clerics took a prayer request for a friend of mine that was having trouble conceiving a child.  The monk prayed for me and then afterwards he showed me around, and bid me farewell.  At this point, I thought I had gone mad, because I kept on hearing laughter like that of children, as if they were beckoning me. <br /><br />

I turned around to look, just in time to see a beautiful woman dressed in flashy white attire.  There were several children with her, all adorned in similar attire.  She called me over and asked me about my worries, assuring that God had heard my prayers and would answer them soon.   All that was left to do was to have faith and follow the direction of God.  I asked her who she was to speak with such authority, at which her entity grew so bright that I was in awe and could not even look at her glowing face.  Then a voice as loud as thunder bellowed, “I am Brigid, patron saint of Ireland, and patron saint of children and childhood.  Do as I tell you, go to the well on the north ridge of the monastery."<br /><br />

She told me I would find a gift at the well to take back to my friend. She also made sure that I would inform her that she is in the hands of the God of Isaac and Abraham and of all that is good.  Tell her to "be steadfast in her faith, as she has been, and in due time she will reap the rewards of commitment.  Now, go... do as I told you.”<br /><br />

In awe to my wits end, I took off up the hill, to the north ridge of the monastery, where I found this item hanging from the wooden bucket of the well.  I gave it to my friend, who gave birth to a healthy baby about a year and a half later.  After several tests I was able to confirm that piece hold the power of enhancing your natural spiritual energy flow.  It helps to stabilize your ability in conceiving children and carrying full term.  This is NOT a promise of conception, just a promise that it will boost your potential of conceiving somewhere in the area of the seventy-sixth percentile. <br /><br />

With the relaxation and cleansing that this piece brings you, you will be more calm and able to be more naturally ready to conceive. This unfortunately does not miraculously allow women who have medical reasons that they cannot have children get impregnated; it merely has the blessings of the Saint of Ireland and can assist a woman who is able to bear children the ability to enhance her ability of getting pregnant without the pressure hanging over her head!<br /><br />

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