Dowsing has existed as early as the 15th century. Using a divining rod, a dowser may find water, metals and other substances in the ground without the use of scientific tools. The thought is that divining rods amplify invisible movements of the hand coming from the dowser who has some ability to sense magnetic fields or may possess a form of ESP.

One way to explain the phenomenon is by exploring the environment. If a dowser can detect hints about their surroundings, then they make subconscious movements with their hands, forcing the rods to shake and dip, indicating they’ve found something of value. Most dowsers can’t offer a plain explanation how the process works but the practice has been used to locate substances successfully throughout the centuries.

This ring is a sensory tolerative piece that will remiss the hand to move and shake when there are instances of glory around you! You will be able to pick up traces of gold in the ground, and predict areas of luck -- such as machines that will pay out at a casino! This is a proven halo of power and extreme luck!!

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