There are many different types of magical beings in existence and they aren't always physically manifested.  Some of them appear in spiritual form only.  They are born in a realm that allows them to exist freely and formlessly.  They can manifest themselves physically here on Earth in they'd like, but they don't necessarily have to.  Often times, they prefer to stay on the metaphysical side of things, because it is a freer form of existence than having to live around the hustle and bustle that humans have create in every day life.  It helps them preserve and maintain their magical properties. 

One of the most heralded and sought after beings in the world of magic is the dragon.  There are many different kinds of dragons, but the basic prototype  typically the same.  They are ancient spirit forms that manifest themselves in the forms that we are accustomed with-- you know large fire-breathing lizard looking things.  The fact of the matter is when they shed their skin they are all pretty much the same, the just all hold different types of powers.  Some hold wealth powers.  Some hold ancient knowledge.  Some hold immortality powers.  Others holds secrets of the ancient world.  The list could go on and on forever, the point I'm trying to make is that Dragon's are the ancient harbingers of wisdom.  They hold different types of wisdom that can be summoned and used for a variety of different types of knowledge and powers. 

This piece is called a dragon knocker.  It was made by an alchemist who fused energy into the metal that was used to create this piece.  The piece is a dragon pendant.  In his mouth the dragon holds a knocker ring like you would see on an older home.  When you meditate with this piece you can use the powers within to "knock on the door" of the realm where all dragons exist in spirit form.  You will be able to summon the dragon of your choosing simply by imagining it into creation.  In this way, you will pretty much be able to summon a dragon for any type of power and ability that you are searching for.

Dragons are very loyal, so as long as you are good to those dragons you summon, they will be good to you.  They will allow your power to stay with you and grow into powerful forms until you are nearly as powerful as they are.  The best part about this piece is that it isn't once and done.  You can use it to summon as many dragons as your heart desires, all in spirit form of course.  This will allow you wield as many powers as you'd like, as long as you are good to those dragons that you summon.  This piece is very powerful and extremely unique. 



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