Throughout history dragons have been depicted in many different ways, shapes, and forms.  It's true that there are different races and species of dragons, but the most accurate of all depictions is the way the dragons of the ancient Orient were depicted.  They were the dragons of wisdom and riches, who were cave dwellers.  They only came out when absolutely necessary and did not seek to harm the mortal kind, but bestow upon them the blessings of their knowledge and wisdom.  This piece contains two jars of what we are calling dragon seeds.  These seeds attract the presence of the an ancient Oriental wealth dragon.  When you are the owner of this piece, the dragon will come out from hiding.  He will fly among the realms, in realms parallel to our own. securing and bestowing upon you, the most prolific wealth powers upon you.  These wealth powers will manifest themselves in your life in many different forms including monetary gain and increasing your luck in games of chance such as the lottery or gambling in a casino.  This piece is is definitely going to change your life for the better and for the richer. 

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