Adita found this item. She kept it for herself, but that's okay because she normally gives us everything she finds. Besides, we have plenty of items that allow us to do the same thing that she was doing with the piece, anyhow. It was a piece that allowed to to enter any realm that she could find existence of using her psychic powers and abilities. It was basically an astral travel piece... and those Asians are pretty good at astral travel. Especially the buddhists. Anyway, Adita used this piece to travel among realms. She came across a realm that she referred to as the Cave of Dragons. She said the realm was very rocky a mountainous and thousands of dragons soared through the air. Some breathed fire, some looked ancient, others were nesting by a large pond off in the distance. She said she never experienced anything like it before and that she was wonder struck for a good while. Before leaving, the realm, Adita managed to confiscate this ring. She said she wasn't sure who it belonged to, because she didn't see any humans or beings that could be capable of wearing a ring. She sent us the item and we tested it. Our tests conclude that this ring belonged to an entity known as the Dragon Sorcerer. This piece allows you to birth your own dragons. You can use these dragons for whatever you would like. You can make wealth dragons, or wish dragons or luck dragons... any type of dragon. They will exist in spirit form and will only be available for your use unless you are designing a dragon specifically for somebody else. This piece is extremely rare and extremely powerful. It's your chance to birth dragons for an extremely low price!! This piece would normally sell for over 3x what it is going for during our sale!!

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