The almost transparent red stone in this pendant illuminates the lust of blood that is desired when a vampire is about to attack.

This piece belonged to Cihuateteo- A demi-god. She is known for killing and drinking the blood of infants. She was said to meet at crossroads and would only wander at night, because sunlight would kill her.

Cihuateteo wore this piece to help her make sure that she would be inside before the sun would fully emerge. When a the first ray of light would strike this center stone it would light up to warn her that she needed to flee. One night when she was on an attack her victim grabbed a hold of her necklace and removed it. The victim fought back and ran from her house into the woods. Cihuateteo chased after and didn't stop to think that her necklace remained in the house of the girl she was trying to kill. The sun began to rise, yet so involved in her attack, Chihuateteo payed little attention; she later was at a loss of motion as she started to wither away. The full sunshine killed her.

The necklace was recovered and we came across it when investigating a Vampire cult in Mexico. The pendant has been put onto a new chain, because the other one was broken, but the pendant holds the powers of Cihuateteo.

Cihuateteo was known for her abilities to steal memories of potential victims. This is the basic ability of the Dream Walkers Bloodline, the young vampire now has the ability to look into the eyes of their victim and read their most intimate memories, stealing them and locking them away for their own to use when needed. The vampire cannot kill the victim and it is done to help look through the person’s memories.

You will gain Cihuateteo's memory thief ability that she left behind in the stone of this pendant. She had encountered her victim prior to the attack to gain some insight into her past. These memories are still inside along with the ability to find out deep secrets that people hold inside.

There are often times when we wish that we could be the fly on the wall... because we wander what things are said and what will happen; with the abilities from this pendant you will be able to learn the thoughts of others that they keep hidden inside ~

This is powerful and very intriguing... especially if you are one who lusts over desire and knowledge!

NOTE* We say this item belonged to Cihuateteo because she possessed a woman's body. When her ability to live in that body was gone due to the strange death,not physical but soul wise the possessed woman woke up. When she woke she never remembered ever owning this pendant. Through our use of it we know exactly what it does which helped in a very important thing we as a group had to do. If it were not for this piece we would have had serious problems.
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