This is a type of mermaid called a Dreambender. The vessel is beautiful and has stones all around it.

To use this piece, place it to your ear before you go to bed and you will hear the ocean. Before you fall asleep, think about what you want and the Dreambender will grant your desires and what you need in life. She will make your dreams come true.

Her name is Kyrie and she is very calming and will even help you fall asleep if you have problems falling asleep. She is a very calming presence and can also help you to feel less stressed. Destressing you is one of her strongest gifts. She has been tested many times because she is such a joy to work with. If life is hectic and you need trouble relaxing, you need someone like Kyrie in your life.

See the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxvQhgSclYM

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