Recently i was helping a friend move a dresser that she had bought at a local thrift store. Not too long ago she moved into an apartment with her sister and she was still getting settled in, so I thought i'd help her out since I know moving is quite a stressful transition. <br /><br />

The night we went to go pick up the dresser it was cold and raining, which weren't exactly ideal conditions but this time being the only time our schedules worked out with each other's. It was around 7pm when I picked her up so in addition to the weather being less than favorable it was dark as well. We made it to the thrift store and gave the woman working the counter her proof of purchase ticket. The lady behind the counter gave my friend and I strange looks, then went into the back to retrieve the dresser. We waited for about 10 minutes and finally the dresser was being wheeled out. I noticed the dresser was a little older than I had originally thought it would be, but was surprised since it seemed to be in great shape for its age. It was a little on the larger side, so it was a good thing I was driving my truck. We managed to get it into the bed of the truck without too much hassle, but now we had to drive it home though the cold rain. While driving carefully on the slippery roads, I tried my best to hurry so the dresser wouldn't be completely soaked. When we got to her house it was apparent my efforts were in vain, as the dresser was indeed, completely soaked. We carried it inside and out off the rain and began wiping it down with a few towels.<br /><br />

As i was wiping the rain off of the inside compartments where the drawers are supposed to go, I noticed a small cast-iron tree imprinted on the wood. Looking closer at the cast iron tree i noticed that it seemed to be a small hidden compartment of its own, marked by the tree. Not knowing what to expect I tried to open it, and after trying some different ways of going about it, pushing down on the tree itself seemed to release the small door. As I removed the little compartment covering, a small cloud of dust billowed out, and sitting there was the piece. <br /><br />

I placed the piece in the palm of my hand, surprised with its condition, and showed my friend. She was just as surprised as I was, but said I could keep the piece as part of the payment for helping her out, so after saying thank you I slipped it into my pocket. After the dresser was dry, I picked up the secret compartment covering and looked at it closer. As it turns out, the small cast-iron tree wasn't a tree at all, but a clover. I found this very interesting. <br /><br />

As I said goodbye to my friend she thanked me for my help one last time, to which i replied, "You're very much welcome.", and made my way out. Now this is where things got strange. As I walked down her stairs I slipped and fell, only to land directly on my feet again. Not thinking much of it I continued out the door, and sitting there in the front of her door was a slightly wet 20 dollar bill. Now things started to seem a little strange. 20 dollars richer, I began to make my way home, stopping for gas on the way. As I pulled into the gas station, I noticed that the gas pump nearest to the door was open, so I pull up, put it in park, and head inside. I ask the man behind the counter for 15 dollars on my pump, he gives me my change since I handed him a 20, and I head back out to my truck. Looking at my change to make sure its all there, I was shocked to find that the man had handed me four 1 dollar bills, and the 20 I had handed him. I was simply amazed!<br /><br />

I had never been so lucky more times than I had today, and I started to think more and more that it was the piece I had found in the dresser. Well, long story short, working at Haunted Curiosities has its benefits, so I took the piece in and as it turns out it contains immense powers of luck and charm. This piece makes it's wearer extremely lucky, bringing the wearer wealth and good fortune in every aspect of their life. The origins of the piece and the dresser have yet to be uncovered, but the powers that this piece gives are all too obvious; as if you can actually feel the new found luck within you. This piece is truly amazing and can be used by the wearer to improve upon all the aspects of their life. Get lucky quickly with this piece and change your life forever!<br /><br />

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