Having trouble loosing those last few pounds? Are you overweight to a point that threatens your health? Have you been trying and trying to get rid of unwanted body fat with no luck whatsoever? Well then this is most definitely the piece for you! This piece has been gifted with weight loss energies by a modern day enchantress who has been studying the art of enchanting for most of her life. She is quite experienced in her craft and the items she enchants tend to have powerful effects on those who wear them. <br /><br />

To begin the weight loss process with this piece, one must wear the piece, stare into a mirror at their reflection, and repeat this line once for every pound you wish to loose. "My weight will limit me no longer, from this point on I become only stronger." By repeating this line for each pound you wish to loose, the piece's magic will take note for each time the line is spoken, and adjust its magical output to tailor to your weight loss needs. Just be sure to wear the piece when doing anything related to weight loss so the piece's magic can amplify the effects of whatever you may be doing for maximum weight loss. <br /><br />

Have faith in this piece and watch as the pounds melt away! The powers within this piece are long lasting, so even after you reach your weight loss goal, if you feel that a few more pounds could be lost, just repeat the ritual and begin the process all over again. Be warned, this piece will not keep the pounds off, only assist in their removal, so after using the piece be sure to maintain the proper diet and lifestyle so you can maintain the weight you desire. Get that body you deserve and impress the people in your life with the weight you loose! Say goodbye to the old you, and let the new you shine through! 

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