This is what you would call a true Druid's spoon. It was used by a life long practicing Druid who then left his personal box to a friend of mine. Inside this very old, very basic looking box contained notes, herbs, some of which were poisonous, a short blade knife and this spoon. At the time I was very much in to Scottish magic, the Celts, Picts, Druids and anything else revolving around the subject. And from this friend I bought (along with trade) this spoon.

The spoon is sterling silver and has 3 stones set at the top that I believe are amethyst, citrine and pink quartz.

According to the notes the spoon was used two ways.

The first way is to write the name of a person on a piece of paper and place the paper under a tea cup. Fill the cup with tea, then bring in to your mind what it is you wish on the name written. Ok, once you have your intent in mind you then use the spoon to stir the liquid while projecting those thoughts to the target. When you are done, you then pour out the liquid.

What it DID NOT do for me was psychic ability, psychic advancement or what ever other combo of words I could focus on at the time that has to do with the psychic senses. I don't know why it would not work for that. It could be that the past users of this spoon had no interest in psychic abilities. I don't know. I did mentioned this to Dee Dee and with their testing they agreed that nothing came about with boosting psychic ability or anything like that.

The second way is how I used it the most. That is to simply stir tea with your intent to empower the liquid and then to drink it. This worked really well for healing, love, restful sleep and internal conjurations for the spirits power, and I used it this way for myself and my wife.

However as most things go, my interests started to change and I used this spoon less and less. It spends most of its time back in yet another box. I know someone will see all of the uses for this item and will in fact use it and experiment more than I have. This spoon has alot of possibilities and I believe the true power of this item has yet to be released.

This is an item of duality, Good or Evil, the choice is yours.

There were herbs of all types in that box so I would safely guess that he used it in many ways, dark and light.

It really amplifies your intent, so with that being said, its up to you.

No spirits are attached to this item.

At times I will be adding more information, back stories etc on some of the items in blog posts on the forum.

Thanks for looking

***** PLEASE NOTE! *****

Nothing I am selling is for entertainment purposes!!!!!

This is me Dee Dee and I wanted to add that this piece is very powerful. When testing it I would have kept it but I do have a druids piece myself and they are very rare. This piece is truly amazing. If your looking to really have a powerful arsenal then get it because there is only one.
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