If you were listening to the radio show earlier, then you know that we provided enlightenment about the duplicate of each person.  Everyone has a duplicate self.  Some people have more than one duplicate.  You can bring these lives out in a past life regression, but you can't really get to experience your duplicate self merely by past life regression.  To really know yourself truly, you must summon your own duplicate, on whatever plane of existence in may exist on, it whatever form in may exists.  Sometimes this can be a difficult feat to accomplish; but we've got you covered. <br /><br /> 
These cuff links exhibit the power of the inner self.  This power will read your subconscious thought, reaching deep within your mind and scouring your soul for all forms of existence.  It will call upon all forms of existence.  No worries, because this power has the ability to be transmitted across any realm or plane to reach your duplicate self.  Once your duplicate self is discovered you will gain the unique ability to exist both as your self and your duplicate self-- which is technically yourself, only different.  Either way, you will be given the power of duplicate existence.  You will gain all the powers of your duplicate self, or rather I should say, the powers of your duplicate self that have been nestle deep within your mind under your third eye, will be brought back to life.  It doesn't matter if these powers are wealth powers, psychic powers, Templar powers, masonic powers, powers of God... whatever powers your duplicate have possessed will be resurrected for your personal use!!  This happens because your third eye will be opened by this power in preparation of the encounter with your duplicate self.  <br /><br />
This piece will relieve all blockages of the soul that prevent you from coming into contact with your past self.  These blockages will be completely eliminated and your mind will be opened up.  Lindy was able to use this piece to confirm that her existence definitely stems from a royal Spanish dynasty that traces all the way back to the 15th Century.  I was able to use this piece to confirm, that I was, as Tomer has suggested, a princess-- okay, well actually a Duchess, from long ago Normandy. This piece is very effective... and it beats that damn Family Tree software that NEVER EVER WORKS!!  You don't want to pass this one up!!  <br /><br />

Pictured on these links is a man pulling out his duplicate.  It really gives a testament to just how powerful this ability is.  In similar fashion, once you find your duplicate, you will also be able to pull it out.  It's just a matter of finding it-- which this piece will do for you!  <br /><br />


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