Da Vinci's Conquest of the Skies

Da Vinci's Conquest of the Skies

"The great bird will take its first flight -- on the back of his great swan -- filling the Universe with wonders..."

Practically no other phenomenon fascinated Leonardo da Vinci as much as flight. He is known to have produced 160 sketches and nearly 5,000 pages of manuscript about flying objects. He developed a taliplane an an elevator for a glier -- even a prototype of a helicopter. But only in theory. He knew in his time it was not technically possible to build an aircraft.

His manuscripts were meant to help future generations build such miraculous machines. But his writings became forgotten --- the idea that people could fly was absurd in his time. He even found in his research that there are portals of energy that build up and allow for travel without any machines. He documented all of this, but people thought he was insane!

Now, more than 500 years later, in the age of the unnamed aerial drone, not only have Leonaro's visions been achieved, they have even been surpassed.

The first to really implore the notes of da Vinci's astral traveling found fascinating factors that allowed pure conquest to radiate longer lasting perils of travel that brought about ground breaking knowledge and energy advancements to master the skills of realm traveling!

This bracelt holds a majestic portal stone that resonates the ability to travel through the dimensions and through any realm you wish. Leonardo was genius beyond his years and now you can visit him in full form back in his dimension, and utilize the opportunites to go far into the future! A pure powered dimensional portal is a rare find, not to mention one that is bequethed with the imperial kinetic connection to Da Vinci.

Da Vinci's Conquest of the Skies
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