Da Vinci's Healing Embarkment

Da Vinci's Healing Embarkment 

"Men will come to such a state of misery that they will be grateful that others should profit by their sufferings, or by the loss of their true riches" this is, their health"

The monks say three Hail Mary's an quickly move on: Leonardo da Vinci is there. In the cellar of the Basilica della Satissima Annunziata in Florence, the genius dissects corpses -- a sacrilegious outrage.

However, Leonardo's experiments are condoned by Pope Alexander VI.  Some monks consider this to be a deal with the devil: The pope is the father of Cesare Borgia, a warmonger for whom Leonardo has also created weapons.

Was he examining the human body for vulnerabilities? For the most effective way to kill a soldier? The fact is, Leonardo acquired so much more knowledge about human anatomy than anyone ever had before. And he recognized that medicine would become its own vast powerful industry.

Today in the United States alone, the health care industry is worth more than $2 trillion~!!

** His findings again were notated an these direct notes were acquired many years ago, and the implemented finings showcase that there are factors within our bodies that can be associated through recovery of healing touch.

Medicine is helpful for some ailments, but nowadays it seems that EVERYTHING requires a pill; basically because the drug companies want to make money, so even though the side effects of most medicine is worse then what you are taking the medicine for -- people continue to simply ingest these pills each day.

For a more broad spectrum of healthy living, this piece was empowered with the elevated retrieval factors of maintaining health through kinetic shields from follicles in the air that can hinder your health. We are not saying this will prevent all sickness, but it was tested thoroughly and the testers remained healthy throughout their terms, and this was tested in all seasons, and also some even showed improvement in predisposed ailments!!

Created through the discoveries of Da Vinci, this will infuse you with powers of unity and imperial blockage shields of energy... great piece for anyone, young or old.

Da Vinci's Healing Embarkment
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