Dance of the Thunderbird

Depending on the person you are telling, when you say the name, "Thunderbird" you might get different reactions.  Some fear the thunderbird as a bad omen of a coming storm.  Some see the the thunderbird as a messenger between the gods who only carries messages to and from the immortals.  However, there is one notion that makes more sense than others.  It is on par with another very powerful bird of influence who is known as the Phoenix; and if you know anyone who has really, truly experienced the presence of the thunderbird they will know the true story.  

This piece summons a cyclic-style Thunderbird.  In was made by a Shaman of a tribe in Oregon.  Off the top of my head I can't remember what the tribe was called, but I do remember that they wore some seriously cool headdresses though.  They actually journeyed close to where I was from to take part in a midsummer pow-wow not to far from my house.  I met one Native that I simply clicked with.  He was one of the healing Shamans for this particular tribe of Natives.  He is the one that gave me this piece after a very serious ritual that involved both song and dance.  

This piece will bring, to you, the presence of an ancient Thunderbird.  Instead of making it rain and storm you, this particular thunderbird is going to come to you with a brand new song and dance.  Well, actually it is an ancient dance, but the powers will be new to you.  The thunderbirdwill appear to you in spiritual/holographic form.  It will not appear to you physically.  It will dance a Native American right for wealth.  It will do this fora  few hours, until the bird gets tired and collapses.  You will notice a bit of smoke and the bird will have disappeared from where it was previously.  This is where you wait for you wealth to begin rolling it.  Then, the bird will appear to you once more, do the dance for you again and give you more wealth.  In this way your wealth and net worth will increase exponentially every time the thunderbird does his dance for you.  This is what I meant by he is cyclic in nature.  I know this piece will bring extreme wealth, because I am the one who tested it! 

Dance of the Thunderbird
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