Dangote Wealth

Without having to say too much about this item, I want you all to know- right off the bat- that this piece is a wealth piece.  It is one of the most powerful wealth items that I have seen in a long time.  It comes from a secret wealth energy that was discovered in Nigeria many years ago and has been kept and sheltered by a family of wealthy Muslims for generations.  It the basis for their wealth and continues to be even to this day with the success of their descendant, Alhaji AlikoDangote.  

Dangote is ranked by Forbes Magazine as the 43rd richest person in the world, the richest person in the Africa, and the richest black man in the world.  His estimated net worth is $20.8 billion as of November 2013, surpassing the previous richest many in Africa by over $2.6 billion dollars.  Now that, my friends, is a huge accomplishment.   

Mr. Dangote attributes most of his success to his get-up-and-go type of attitude and demeanor.  He says that in elementary school he would buy boxes of candy to sell to his classmates at an elevated cost.  He did this due to his craving of money, wealth, and power.  As he grew up, his business interest grew and here he is at the age of 56, the Chairman and CEO of the DangoteGroup, one of the most powerful wealth engines in the entire world!!  

Here is the rest of the story.  His wealth can actually be attributed to a power that was found by his great grandfather in the jungles of Nigeria.  It came from a secret Temple hidden amongst a thick patch of trees, covered by vegetation and inscribed with ancient runes.  The power itself comes from secret talisman that the elder Dangote found in a bucket at the bottom of the Well of Life that is located in the center of temple that he found in the middle of the jungle.  It is an ancient power given to the mortals by Allah.  It contains a secret wealth spell that was hidden in one of the Seven Skies of Allah.  For obvious reasons, the inscription never made it into the Koran, reserving the truth wealth of Allah to the person wise enough to find it-- it the temple in the jungle that wasn't built by humans, but rather a host of wealth djinn commissioned to build the structure directly by Allah himself.  

Furthermore, our friend Aliko was sent to Cairo for college, where he studied not only business, but magic-- off the books of course.  He studied for four years with a group of magic clerics as a means of strengthening and perfecting his power.  Judging by his stats, I'd say that his studies were successful.  Wouldn't you?  

Either way, this item is one that has been made by Aliko.  It was made for his Mystery School that he keeps alive and well in Nigeria.  The group is obviously a covert group, because it if wasn't it might be exploited for its wealth.  Wealth can be a good thing, but put it in the hands of the wrong people and watch how quickly it can go to Hell.  

This item holds the same powers that turned Aliko Dangote into a wealth, billionaire businessman.  It will go across the realms to attract a solidified source of wealth for you.  I'm not talking about winning $200,000 on the lottery.  I have a friend who did that before and he's just a poor if not worse off than he was BEFORE he won the money.  Rather, what I'm saying is the this piece will attract a deep rooted wealth that put you in full control to accelerate the wealth that you experience in the form of assets, cash flow, business ventures, and investment returns.  You will have never experienced a form of wealth like this in your life.  I guarantee it.


This ring is sterling silver with a real Agate and it is a size 10 or 10 and a half

Dangote Wealth
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