Daoist Star Souls of Wealth, Luck, and Longevity

Listen, there's a whole lot of history behind this one. you can look it up if you choose too. I would tell you about it, but it really just pollutes the over image of what you are getting. With that being said, I'm just going to get to the point with this one. Adita came to visit a few months back, right before Deedee went on investigation in April. We didn't really make a big spectacle of it, for obvious reasons. She was here and wanted some peace and relaxation. However, while she was here, she did help us put the finishing touches on this piece. This item embodies a very powerful faction of the Golden Registrar of the Mysterious Soul. It holds the energies relevant to prolong your life, increase your youthfulness and vitality, and add magical virtues to our spiritual existence. Using a white light divination ceremony we summoned the cosmic souls of three stars. These stars will embrace your owns spiritual and esoteric existence, again, increasing you youth and add longevity to your existence both spiritually and physically. The first star is the star of luck. This is pretty self explanatory, as it embodies the soul of luck and will merge itself with your own soul, causing divine intervention and giving way to a new found spiritual rebirth that will include heavy divination of both extreme luck and bountiful abundance. The second star is the soul of wealth. This piece will act an esoteric sonar that will scout out wealth for you, bringing it to you by several different mediums. First, it will bring it to you in personal gains such as career advancement and acquisition of power in your work place. It will also bring you the power of prosperous returns via your investments and wagers. It will also work in conjunction with luck star for chance gains such as winning the lottery or a sweepstakes, etc. Finally, is the star that is the soul of longevity. This is the star that will provide your life with a new found youthfulness and a sprig of vitality. It will put a bounce in your step, increase your health, and elevate your soul to a place where your mood will be permanently increased. It is the perfect destressor and detoxifier. It will clear you aura and enlighten your existence!! This ring is gold over sterling silver and I believe it is a size 10 or 11.
Daoist Star Souls of Wealth, Luck, and Longevity
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