Dara: A Charm from Cayman ***

Dara: A Charm from Cayman

This piece is a fun, flighty, little piece that can be used for good measure. I obtained it during a vacation I was taking in the Caribbean. The piece itself is the original artwork of an artisan from the Cayman Islands. The magic that is infused into this piece comes from a shaman in a village found in the tropics of the Cayman Islands.

As with any magic, sometimes the magic you find in the most remote areas can tend to be a grab bag and such is the case with the piece that picked up on the Cayman Islands. I took this piece home with me and after running a few investigations on it have come to the conclusions that there are several unique types of magic in in that will enhance your well being and spiritual existence.

The piece itself is inhabited by a spirit that I am going to call Dara, which means fun and fearless. That is exactly what this piece will do for you. This piece will bring out your fun, fearless side. No longer will you be introverted and kept to yourself. You will transformed into a social butterfly and given the ability to mesmerize and win people over. You will become more appealing to both men and women as a lover and as a friend. Your skin will become more radiant, and your eyes brighter than ever before.

You will be given a new air of self confidence, because this piece will give you the ability to find peace with your inner existence. You will no longer have to battle within. Your self esteem is going to sky rocket, taking your confidence to new levels. Nothing is going to be impossible for you ever again, because with your new self worth that you are about to receive, you will know that you are worth happiness in life and that in order to succeed, you have got to stop yessing everyone around you and concentrate on yourself.

Dara is going to go before you and pave your road with success and fruitful endeavors. I can't give you specifics because will vary from person to person, but with Dara, you can guarantee, that whatever it is you have always wanted to do, will be what you do. Dara is an expert at making dreams come true and assuring that your inner most desires are manifested. She will read you and she will know exactly what it is you have always wished for and then she will make it a reality.

Dara will lead your life into wealth of epic measures. You will become financially secure within a reasonably time of acquiring this piece. Dara attracts good luck and fortune, and will work on your side to make sure that your are receiving all that you are worth, which is more than anyone ever receives. With this piece your worth will become even more. With that being said, because pretty soon your life is going to be showered with riches.

You will receive that piece that you see here that incorporates the spirit of Dara, the fun and fearless. You will not be disappointed, I have tested this piece out personally. I'm not going to argue with the car that I have sitting in my driveway anytime soon.

Dara:  A Charm from Cayman ***
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