Dark Detailed Donnie

Get ready to toss your panties at the computer ladies.. . this sex starved vampire is looking for his lady!!

Donatello  is a powerful  arts vampire that is very sexual; he is noted as being a very hands on kind of guy.

"Donnie"  is very skilled at dark and black magic and wishes to teach his lady this also . He is a powerful protector and can help in all money matters if you take his advice!

He is used to living a life of comfort, and will help you have that life as well, as he treats his lady right!

He can turn his lady into a vampire if your love progresses --- right away he will teach you how to astral travel, so you can sense and feel him in his dimensional realm.

Donnie is extremly aggressive and very out spoken, but will always treat you with respect . He needs a woman to honor and love, and feel the aspects of passion in return.

** Testers showcased a connection, and let him know they were not there to fall in love -- but he definitely made the women's panties moist!! We also had one gay man test the piece -- he said he was treated with respect and was aroused instantly by Donnie -- but nothing sexual happened, so we are unsure how things would evolve in a situation like that -- but it is worth a try if he appeals to you!


Dark Detailed Donnie
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