Dark Witch, Ouija Board

Dark Witch: Steve's Own Personal Experienc<br /><br />

I'm not really sure that I was ever supposed to have this piece in the first place. I got this piece during a ritual I was having in my basement one time. Okay, well it wasn't actually a ritual. I was like 13 and I had a few of my friends over. We have pizza and we were in my basement attempting to shoot billiards like grown men. Anyway, the point is we had no idea what we were about to get ourselves into. <br /><br />


Around 11:00 PM my friend Jared had this incredible idea that he wanted to use what was known as a Ouija board to conjure spirits. He insisted that we had nothing to worry about and that it was going to be fun. It wasn't fun... not all. It was more like a nightmare... to a 13 year old. <br /><br />


Needless to say the ceremony was botched. You see, when I was 13 dial-up consumer internet was only beginning to become popular. With that being said, we couldn't just hop on Google or MSN and find out everything we needed to know. I mean, it was developing, but fledgling. <br /><br />


Taking this into consideration, my friends and I were totally dependent on the knowledge of our fellow teenage friend who had overheard his uncle saying something about a Ouija board once, but had never actually experienced it for himself. <br /><br />


As we began the process, the spirits from the other side seemed to take advantage of the fact that we were so young and inexperienced. We had candles lit around the board itself and each of us had our hand on the oracle. We opened the board the only way Jared knew how. Turns out that this was good enough, based on the encounter we had. We never did really close the portal we created out, which is why I think I developed such a strong sense of psychic ability and spiritual powers. <br /><br />


Anyway as we read what the Oracle had to say, we soon figured out that we shouldn't have been messing with this type of power. After awhile the only word that kept on being spelled out was demon. I though my friends-- or perhaps maybe just Jared-- were play a joke on me. I ordered everyone to take their hands off the board; after all, it was my house. <br /><br />


They all did at a moments notices, because they were all just as frightened as I was. To our amazement... and horror... the oracle kept on moving, spelling out the word demon. This is did, until Jared got the bright idea that he was going to taunt the spirits. <br /><br />


The flame from the candles shot up nearly to the roof. I could see a black figure emerge from behind the flame, prancing around like a mad person. It leaped in and out of the now raging fire, contorting its smile and burning its little eyes into my soul. I felt like a could breath. Then, all of a sudden it was over. The Ouija board, burned up into a pile of soot and there where the board had once been, was the item. <br /><br />


I've had this piece since then. Sometimes it has given me dreams that recount the happenings of my childhood. Sometimes I would lay in bed and think about something happening... then, it would happen. Other times, I would be able to charm my mother into giving me whatever I wanted... but only if I was near this piece. Other times it would haunt me, calling my name in the nighttime while I was asleep, begging me to let my soul come out and “play.” Once I even think I ended up in the same physical form as my dog Buster... weird back then... perfectly explanatory now. <br /><br />


What we had pulled through was a black witch. This witch holds the ultimate powers of dark magic. It leaves behind anything white, because it is not interested. It is in spirit form and has originally come from the middle ages. Other than that, there isn't much known about the dark witch, other than the fact that it is held at bay by the same divine intervention that saved me the day it tried to steal my soul. <br /><br />


Long story short, when I began working for Dee Dee she interpreted the piece for what it was. Now, I'm ready to pass it on. It will manifest the dark witch to you, making her your dark consort who will give you all of her secrets, her reason, her knowledge, and her powers. The Buster thing? This witch gives you the ability to shape-shift into the animals that you can connect with that exist around you. She has the ability of though manifestation, meaning she can make your thoughts come to life. She can control the minds of others and assure that you always get what you want. <br /><br />


She will bring you dark divinity from the under realms of existence. You will gain her black magic knowledge. This is includes potions, enchantments, rites of passage etc. This is the ultimate dark magic piece for the ultimate dark collection. <br /><br />

Dark Witch, Ouija Board
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