Darkness Prevails from the Devil's Tree

The Skull Tree and the Baby’s Cradle It’s no surprise that most of the creepiest stories of all time take place in heavily wooded areas. Pick your favorite Grimm’s fairy tale, and the odds are strong that there’s a forest in it somewhere. Some trees are, quite simply, scary. And lots of them packed closely together are scary in an entirely different way. And there are so many trees in Pennsylvania that the entire state was named after them (sylvania means “forest land”). So it’s hardly surprising that the state also has its fair share of creepy tree stories. Probably the most famous tree in the entire state is the one on the Devil’s Road near the Delaware border, a misshapen creation that grows on an embankment along one of the road’s more treacherous curves. Erosion has exposed the roots, which looks like an enormous human skull or the skeletal fingers of a hand clawing at the earth. It’s this tree that the character Ivy Walker in The Village stumbles upon during her trek through the woods, and it’s probably the legend that her father, played by William Hurt, referred to in his nod-to-the-audience line about the legends of the woods. This grotesque trunk has earned the tree many names, including the Skull Tree, the Devil’s Tree, and the Baby’s Cradle. And it has attracted many tales too, including one of an infant sacrifice left among the roots. In a gruesome nod to this tale, you can sometimes find decapitated baby dolls cradled within the tree’s bony fingers. ~ We received many correspondences about the tree.... so we had to go investigate it -- here is what we heard. One of the most noticeable attractions on Devil’s Road is a very large tree with a small hole hollowed out in the middle. As legend has it, this is called the Baby's Cradle, because a small fetus was once found inside this hole in the tree. –CiCi There’s a tree with a hole in it along the road, and a mother put her baby in it and left it for dead. If you stop your car, kill the engine and turn the lights off, they say that you can hear the baby crying still. Every night I got close to the place I'd have horrible dreams that seemed all too realistic. –Dan A. My friend pointed out a tree growing at the roadside behind us. Half of its roots were exposed by erosion, and when he put the car in reverse, the lights created quite a display in the shadows of the roots. The roots took the form of a five-foot high skull. I had more of a sense of awe than fear looking at it. –Matt We went and investigated the tree that people were referring to --- the exposed roots have been filled in with concrete as of late June 2004. While we were there we felt a very strong energy coming forth and so we started to chisel away at some of the concrete... this piece came barreling out as we were trying to get to the actual trunk and roots... as we knew the pure energy would be there! This piece holds the majestic appeal to the strength of elements that the roots wrathed! After testing the item, this is shown to hold dark energy -- pure rooted strength in the appeal of revenge and mockery. Our testing of pure dark items is limited, but we had a tester utilize this to put a curse on a lover who cheated, and lets just say they dealt with anal leakage for quite some time -- making them very unattractive to anyone else!! So if this is any testament to what this can do for paybacks, then you can imagine the possibilities of the fundamental dark indicators you can use for whatever you desire!
Darkness Prevails from the Devil's Tree
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