Dashi-Dorzho, Perfect Preservation

Who is Dashi-Dorzho?  Well, besides his name sounding like something you'd here in a Christmas moving about green creature who tried to ruin Christmas, he was a Buryat Buddhist Lama who followed the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  He was born in 1852 and begin his education of religion at the young age of 16.  He was sent to study at the Anninsky Datsan, a religion university that, until this day, only stands in ruins.  During his life, he took up many feats.   You can google them or read about them in books, but the part of his life that I am most interested in is the part when he was no longer living.  

Well, I don't think it is fair to say that he is no longer living.  Rather he is undergoing a metamorphosis of types, where his body will eventually be resurrected when he returns as of one the Ascended Masters.  His mummy was rediscovered recently in Mongolia, in a lotus meditation position.  The thing that is so extraordinary about this find is that it isn't the first time he has been discovered0  In fact he was been discovered and rediscovered multiple times, which leads one to wonder, is he really dead or is he just in a deep meditative state?  Either way, his body has been perfectly preserved, without any help from standard human preservatives.  This pretty much renders his being a Tibetan Monk version of a canonized Catholic Saint.  You know how much power usually comes absorbed into these.  The story withDashi-Dorzho is no different.  

These pieces are some of the pieces that were found with Dashi, the most recent time that he was rediscovered.  He's always found with something and it is my personal belief that these are not items of this world, but rather gifts from the Gods.  How is a mummy going to create magical items?  Then again, how is he going to move himself?  Either way, these pieces are of the utmost Tibetan power.  When you wear one of these pieces, you will immediately begin to feel the power radiate through your body.  It's not to forceful and is more calming than it is empowering, but let that serve as no undermining of the powers that are in this piece.  This piece will give you a spiritual cleansing unlike any other.  It will align all of your chakras to thechakras of the universe.  It will relinquish any holds that negativity, bad karma, or any blockages have on your spiritual being.  You will then be ascended into a spot of permanent nirvana, where the meaning of life will make perfect sense, you will be one with your own soul, you will exist in sync with the cosmic alignment, and you will be taught ALL the magic of the ascended masters.  They are amazing relics that will bring you incredible power. 


These are real gemstones,rose quartz and Amethyst. These donottakelong to fully cleanse you but you do need to wear them.

Dashi-Dorzho, Perfect Preservation
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