Dashwood Is Cream of the Crop!/F*

We have a piece that belonged to Sir Francis Dashwood, a wealthy English aristocrat who combined a life of privilege with a taste for the bizarre. He worked for Frederick, Prince of Wales, and met many leading figures of the day. His contacts allowed him the opportunity for numerous liaisons with aristocratic mistresses and an outlet for his promiscuous and voracious tendencies.

Francis would gather like-minded friends around him and decided to form a group of initiates who would hold sexual orgies to worship the Great Goddess. He called his brotherhood The Knights of St Francis - naming it after himself, not the saint - and he attracted a membership of thirteen. Some members included the Marquis of Queensberry, the Earl of Sandwich, and, his boss, the Price of Wales.

The meetings were held at Medmenham Abbey near Marlow on the River Thames, and employed the services of whores who were transported from London by coach. These sexual practices at the Abbey continued for around fifteen years, and it became known as the Hell-Fire Club after acquiring a reputation as a place of devil worship.

Dashwood later moved the premises to West Wycombe, where he had underground tunnels and a central chamber excavated, allowing his group to continue to meet in secret.

We have a piece that Francis wore to showcase his leadership in the group. As the leader he had free reign of sexual pleasure with whomever he wanted. The members of the Hell-Fire club took part in mock religious ceremonies and used masks and costumes to allow them to indulge in varying degrees of debauchery.

You will hold the sexual energy that Dashwood experienced during his leadership with the club. The intense orgy orgasms will come your way and blow your mind! If you are looking to revitalize your life then you need good sexual energy. Owning this piece will bring about an array of sex spirits that will curl your toes whenever you desire.

There was secrecy to the club and so you have to keep the power of this piece a secret in order to maintain it's sexual strength and integrity.

We all wish we could be slutty every once in a while and be promiscuous without any consequences; now you can enjoy orgy play through the spirits in this piece without having to worry about any diseases or even having to leave your house!

Get ready to moan with ecstasy ~ this has been very well liked by the staff when we tested it; I called in sick a few days just so I could keep the piece longer :-) ENJOY!

Flamie I love this piece and thanks for taking that SICK day!
Dashwood Is Cream of the Crop!/F*
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